Top Things That Really Bug BP
(Not in any particular order.)

#19 Doing things the easy way (instead of the right way.)
#18 Not checking his website every day.
#17 "Answering" a question with a question.
#16 "Answering" a question with an answer to a different question not asked.
#15 Blaming him for everything.
#14 Making excuses to make yourself feel better.
#13 Interrupting him when he is clearly concentrating.
#12 Coming in late.
#11 Asking more than one question at a time.
#10 Asking him to think for you.
#9 Doing something wrong that is clearly covered in "Ratworld."
#8 Having not read and understood "Ratworld."
#7 Doing anything without thinking.
#6 Saying "Excuuuuse me!" or "Whatever!," "That would be me!", or ,
"I need you to..."
#5 Letting things pile up on your desk that you've been "meaning to talk" to him about.
#4 Bothering him every five minutes with things that you should let pile up on your desk and then talk to him about all at once.
#3 Throwing a message on his desk or his chair and thinking that that is enough.
#2 Letting things "live" in your in basket or on your desk.
#1 Leaving for the day before the work of the day is done.

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