Take heed, for those who have gone before have
written these commandments in their blood, sweat and tears.

1. Keep an open mind. This may seem easily attainable but it is not. High communication skills, willingness to take risks that lead to failure and to success, readiness to do anything to help, putting others first, forgiveness and understanding, curiosity, personal growth, insight and perspicacity, hardworking dedication, lack of false ego, avoidance of gossip and conspiracy, enjoying others' successes, unselfishness and non-self-referentiality, and quickness to take responsibility, regardless of the consequences, and never blame others for your mistakes... these are all achievable with a truly open mind. This attribute is only identifiable by others who have suffered for our mistakes; none of us can be trusted to judge this quality in ourselves. Also, people who care get upset at stupid avoidable mistakes that ruin projects and kill client trust. If you cause one, you should expect to hear about it in a company that works as hard and aims at perfection as we do. Don't grumble about how you are treated when you disregard the rules and cause damage to the company, rather think about how you can do a better job next time.

2. After first client review, never change any element of a Legend Project without explicit discussion with the Creative Director. Up until the client firs sees it, anything goes, have a ball. But once the client has reviewed it we are building towards a completed project, step by step. Nothing should be done independently; everything from proofreaders changes to suddenly "discovered" errors or improvements, must be discussed and jointly agreed upon. Example, after client approval, we often send the project out for proofreading and the proofreader finds things that they think should be changed. Don't make those changes without talking with the Creative Director because sometimes the proofreader is wrong, and sometimes the client, believe it or not, wants it the way it was when he or she approved it.

3. No client contact without express and explicit permission from the President & Creative Director, or from the Senior Vice President if the President is out of reach.

4. Eavesdrop.
There is nothing more important than being aware of what is going on in the agency. It is a small company and you are responsible for knowing what everyone is doing and why. There is very little job differentiation here. If you have the "It's not my job" mentality, you will go down in flames.

5. Be prompt.

6. Be loyal.

7. Be forgiving.

8. Be communicative.

9. Be clean and sober.

10. Never tire of working hard and working smart.

Preface & Conclusion
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