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Rules of procedure are the formalizing of good performances into guidelines for others to follow. They are also corrections made after serious mistakes. They are an important effort to avoid the repetition of disaster. Therefore, it only makes good sense to follow them religiously, and if they need to be changed and updated, to do so in complete and open association with all other staff members, never unilaterally on
your own.

Our guidelines allow each member of the team to channel his or her efforts into paths that have been designated as beneficial to the company and to our clients. At their best,
these rules should allow us to work together harmoniously towards goals we have all agreed to be desirable. These rules should also allow us to train new people more easily and allow those new employees to be effective members of the team quickly, thereby maximizing their contributions and helping to ease the work overloads they were hired to alleviate.

The key personnel in any company defend the rules which they helped to write. These rules comprise a corporate wisdom of over 150 people and probably 250 man-years of effort in this company. They are not perfect, but they are fair and extremely helpful.

Follow these rules and your time at work will be fruitful and fun. Break them and you will precipitate unnecessary problems.

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