The creative product of Legend, Inc. is really all we do. Our business is be creative and exceed the expectations of our clients. No one person can do that alone. We will produce our best work as a team. The more we communicate and listen to each other, both face to face and while we work independently, talk on the phones, and speak with each, the more we will learn about our company, our clients, and about each other.

Project Management

The Project Jacket All project jackets should be begun thoroughly and with every entry field completed, nothing left blank. The estimate should be discussed and completed, including the amount of time predicted to complete. These parameters rule the project so do them thoughtfully. Once the project is completed, print out the jacket cover, insert into the small jacket, and place in the queque. Mention to everyone that the project has been started. Wait to upgrade to the larger, gussetted project jacket until the smaller one becomes inadequate; but change before the jacket tears.

No one should begin working on a project without discussions with the Creative Director. Violation of this rule just wastes time and money. Remember, each project has a budget, and it's your responsibility to see that we stay within it.

When possible, one person should work on a project to completion. Multiple employees working on a project, just waste time and duplicate efforts.

Client changes. When a client returns a first, or subsequent pass, with changes indicated, make the changes, consult with the Creative Director, and when approved by the Creative Director, return the update piece, with the client's orginal change indications, to the client. If we inadvertently failed to return the client's requested changes information,assuming that they kept a copy, it may delay the project and cause unnecessary expense (multiple deliveries) and it may make the client think we are sloppy. So, when returning completed changes for a client review, include all pertinent materials in a comprehensive and easy to understand package. Always assume that the client has retained no copies.

Preface & Conclusion
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