Always Rules

1. Always put phone numbers on all messages
2. Always use your full name and get other's full names.
3. Always take notes on everything in a central notebook, never on scraps of paper, post-its, and note pads scattered around the office
4. Always name computer files uniquely using our dating system. Names should identify the file without opening it, without any doubt. Never create a duplicate file name.
5. Always follow up. Never "wait." Our clients don't pay us to wait.
6. Always clear everything with BP before speaking with a client about anything.
7. Always take a company cellphone with you, and turn it on.
8. Always come to work on time and work a little late.
9. Always do your timeslips before leaving for the day, print out a daily report for BP, and import them to main timeslips, too.
10. Always champion the rules. Good employees know that our rules rule.
11. Always call BP on his cell phone or at home for every incoming message when he is out of the office. You are not authorized to screen them.
12. Always eavesdrop on other people's phone calls, unless they are personal calls.
13. Always include a note with every outgoing package or delivery, including FAXes.
14. Always say goodnight or goodbye: cell phones or other means are OK.

Preface & Conclusion
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