The Way We Are

By working hard in many industries, we bring a fresh perspective and innovative creativity to all our clients. Our specialty is eclectic knowledge and innovative applications. Cross-fertilization in the world of marketing, from industry to industry, gives us an advantage in meeting the changing needs of our clients in today’s highly competitive environment. It’s amazing how similar different industries are in their business challenges. You just need to know how to translate, and how to listen.

Our best work always goes to our best clients, so we limit the number of clients and accept only those that best match our systems of involvement and energy. Our clients generally give us ample lead times, complete creative freedom and accept the premise that we will sometimes push the envelope.

A truly creative advertising agency always looks at things from the client’s customers’ point of view. It is an important lesson that a great advertising agency does not actually create for its clients. A great advertising agency creates only for those who buy the client’s products and services.

Customer retention is always the first order of our marketing programs. Without that, no advertising initiative can really be successful.

We believe in continuously developing and carefully protecting our client’s brand. Surprising creativity should be a consistent part of every component of the overall strategy. Without creative vitality, the brand becomes lifeless.

We are partners with our clients, always putting their interests first. Our media and vendor relations are some of the most valuable services we perform for our clients. Our personnel and associate firm relationships are stable and highly efficient. Our pricing is very competitive and set for value to our clients, not to the profit of the agency.

Our only desire is to do more for our clients, to have them use all of our services more fully, and to be of greater service in implementing their strategic mission.