BY BILL PURDIN Many writers today look into the future and see a dystopian world ju [more]
BY BILL PURDIN It does nothing for me. These five words have destroyed more advertising careers tha [more]
Landing On The Moon
BY BILL PURDIN The thump-thump of the helicopter blades, for once, took me away from, not toward th [more]
Teaching My Daughter to Drive
BY BILL PURDIN She is a tough minded person. A determined person. And, she is very petite, so, to be [more]
BY BILL PURDIN Some would say that that is an oxymoron. Not for us. We’ve had many of them [more]
Thank you, Mr. Provost, members of the faculty, distinguished visitors and graduating seniors of the [more]
This is a photo depiction of the heroic statue now being constructed in the Black Hills, South Dakot [more]
It causes such bad feelings and wounds that never heal. I've always wondered why it's so popular. I [more]
Well, Larry Page and Sergey Brin did write the company' slogan: "Don't be evil," because absolute po [more]
"Kids don't see the world in the same way that adults do. They see a beautiful marble ledge as b [more]
Here is the definition and the visual (VISH-ee--aay-shun) and the audible pronunciations: [more]
Robert Schmidt was born with little or no fanfare on November 27, 1917, the son of a coal miner in u [more]
The one percent who seem so strong are actually weak. And worried, too. They should be. If the Union [more]
by W. Mahlon Purdin   CONTENTS: Introductory Thoughts Reculturing | The Industrial Mod [more]
They seem to be alive, but it’s more complicated than that. They seem to be human, but these are n [more]
It does nothing for me. These five words have destroyed more advertising careers than all the late n [more]
              He is not an ordinary Ameri [more]
BY BILL PURDIN Have you ever disparaged a person poorer than you? Have you ever set the example t [more]
Computers have so many things that we just don't have. Think about it. First and foremost is thefamo [more]
GEORGE EDWARD CARRUTH August 29, 1929 – April 30, 1999 In the great scheme of things, he was n [more]
(...or, Making Each Other Look Good) "It takes one to know one – and vice-versa!" -- Alfred [more]