When you have your book written you will discover that, in many ways, that was the easy part. Well, if not easy, then that was the fun part.

Now the hard work begins.

Formatting alone can be daunting. Then there’s professional editing and proofreading. Most writers are shocked that after writing and self-editing for years, when their work is put under the professional microscope many serious errors emerge. Truth is, they should be relieved. The average novel is 50,000 to 125,000 words of crafted, creative writing. All those keystrokes, sometimes written over many years – through life events (birthdays, marriages, divorces, business startups, funerals and you-name-it) – were all done with meticulous care and determination, but – in the end – when read by trained, experienced professionals, many serious issues are easily, and nonjudgmentally, overcome and corrected.

Preparing your manuscript for publication is a crucial and vital phase of writing your book. You cannot do it alone.

Once those all-important steps are taken, then tackling the issues of where to submit, what to submit, who to submit to, and how to promote your submission become possible. Rights protections also can be properly filed and determined during this phase.

If you are writing a book, or know someone else who is, refer them to Legend Publishing for a free consultation about the steps they can and should take now to make their dreams come true more easily.

Services (partial list):

  • Initial excerpt editing
  • Pitch development
  • Total manuscript editing
  • Plot evaluation
  • Cover design and development
  • Publicist services coordination
  • Website development, if needed
  • Appearance counseling
  • Contest participation assistance