Setting up a new Internet site

Setting up a corporate website is not an easy task. There are a lot of buzz words and cyber-jargon that can get pretty confusing to anyone who is not an experienced webmaster. Here are several steps that will help you understand what it takes to get up and running with a serious online presence.

STEP #1: A Domain Name Choice and DNS: Domain names are how people will find your site on the Internet. Since you already probably have a name for your business, your site name should be as similar to it as possible. Network Solutions is a DNS (domain name server) which has been authorized to be a clearing house for website domain names. For a fee of rougly $100 they will establish your unique domain name and register it so that no one else can have it or use it. The fee covers at least two years and after that it will be approximately $40 per year. The charges are additional to any charges from your hosting service.

STEP #2: Picking the web hosting plan that works best for your company: this is just like setting up a business for the first time; you need to assess what type of, and how much, office space you are going to need, and what functionalities you require to be the most effective. A web hosting company providing space and service for your website. The plan you choose determines where your website will be stored, how much space it will have, how much traffic it will allow, and what type of additional features it will have.

Most web hosts have multiple plans that differ in size and features that will accommodate any businesses website plans whether or not your business starting off with the simplest of sites or jumping right in with site features such as, search engines, interactive forms and online, secure web transactions. can help you figure all of this out. After determining what the goals of your website are, we will recommend the best web hosting plan for your business. Web hosting plans range from $10-$1000 per month and have a setup fee equal to one month’s service charge. uses as our normal web host provider. They are the largest and as of now, the very best and most dependable for our purposes.

STEP #3: Internet Access (ISP): you probably already have some form of access to the Internet for web browsing and email through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), but if you don’t, we will have a recommendation. These providers simply give you a pipeline to the Internet. And, the bigger the pipe the better. Good technical support is a plus.

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