Claudia Rodenstein


Claudia came to Legend, Inc. about five years after our founding in 1979. After a brief stint at Channel Five in Boston, she joined Legend as a printing services manager.

An honors graduate of Northwestern University, an accomplished dancer, and a woman with tremendous drive, integrity and communications skills, Claudia was interviewed at length by Bill, and he decided against hiring her. (Not one of his greatest moments.) Claudia listened as the decision was told to her and then she asked, “Is there anyone else here I can speak to about this?” Bill indicated that Joy would probably be willing to discuss it, but that the decision had been made. After about 20 minutes, Joy walked into Bill’s office and announced, “She’s perfect! I’ve hired her. She starts tomorrow.”

The rest is history. During her time as print manager, our printing business grew and grew. When she moved into account service, our client roster, and more importantly, the quality and size of the projects to which we were assigned grew and grew. Eventually, as she started her family, she took over the financial end of the business, and our credit rating and cash flow improved each year. Today, Claudia assists in the overall management of the agency, creative development, client relations, vendor and media relations, and our long-range goals and planning. Her experience and knowledge are completely invaluable.

Claudia’s great skills are in the details. Her keen intelligence and thoroughness are unmatched. She develops systems and procedures that work like clockwork, and then she enforces them with a persistence and drive that lifts other people to higher performances. In the agency business it is unusual to have the money side of the business actually win accounts, but Claudia’s reputation for fairness and professionalism with our current clients and vendors has resulted in referrals and significant new business. “I hate to sell,” she says. Her style sells itself.

Now, leading the agency, she is a vital and integral part of our company and its future.