Brand Evolution

The consistency with which a brand is managed may have more to do with its success than almost anything else. Capricious changes in style or presentation, even in the small things, can devastate the overall plan and program. Someone needs to be in charge of brand management. Typically, the creative director on the account will perform this function. And while there can be discussion about how this is done, in the end, the proof is in the pudding.

Logo, formats, colors, typography, media placement, copywriting style, basic facts, and everything that pertains to the brand, even signage, lobby appearance, employee preparedness, and charitable advertising vehicles are all part of good brand management.

A wrong selection of media, a badly written website page, a poorly prepared press release, a wrong choice on tradeshow giveaways, amateurish photography, a mishandled emergency…all these can be very damaging to a hardworking marketing program.

In marketing, two things are irreplaceable: creativity and consistency. A brand management system promotes and nurtures both.