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February 17, 1999

1. The softer side of Sears. It's kind of like pushing a gourmet meal at MacDonald's.
2. Recent study: 95% of Americans want more kissing in their life.
3. Want to sleep better? Try: eating a light dessert in bed, stop incessant dieting, eat more calories earlier in the day, fewer later (except that bedtime dessert), don't change your menu drastically, no drinking at night, cut out caffeine (no surprise there), and even if you don't want to have it in bed, have dessert. Exercise more, no naps during the day, no TV, or working in bed, take a hot bath, and maintain a strict, regular bedtime ritual. Whew, you'll be exhausted.
4. Happy Days. On a scale of cheerfulness we get happier and happier. At age 25 - 20.5, then down a little at 35 - 20.0, then the fun begins: 45 - 20.5 again, 55 - 21.0, 65 - 22.0, 75 - 23.5, and then, I suppose, we all die laughing.
5. Recent study (National Science Foundation): 90% to 95% of us harbor unspoken prejudices. Whites against blacks, blacks against whites, young against old, old against young, Poles towards Germans, Australians and the aborigines, you name it and they are prejudices everywhere. Want to test yourself?
6. Boston's divorce rate is low: 1.2 per 1000 people. Washington, D.C. is 3.4. Well, that puts a whole new spin on Monicagate, doesn't it? Bill could have used the geological defense.
7. American women's dream lovers: #1: Brad Pitt, #2: Antonio Banderas, #3: John F. Kennedy, Jr., #4: Mel Gibson, and #5: Will Smith. (Runners-up: Aidan Quinn, Val Kilmer, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Matt Damon, and Michael Jordan.) Hey, what happened to Sean Connery?
8. Married life is good (for you): You live longer, you're wealthier (National Institute of Aging says marrieds end up twice as wealthy as unmarrieds.) You heal faster, your sex life is better, your heart's stronger, you look better, and you're just plain happier. Jeez, what would I look like if I weren't married?
9. Pizza Hut won the Superbowl: The ads introducing New York Style pizza topped all of the ads including: Bud, MasterCard, Selsun, Victoria's Secret, Frito-Lay, (my favorite), First Union (the mountain should go away), Land Rover, and even the NFL Players spots, which I liked. Worst of all was the Progressive Insurance ads with ET, which I thought was a bad career move for him, or is it her?
10. He is coming back: Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to make Terminator 3, directed by James Cameron (Titanic). Buenos Dias, Baby.

No politics today. Just some stuff accumulating in my in-basket. We are sort of in withdrawal here at Clinton's Impeachment is over, ending as predicted; the stock market is lethargic and confusing, and it seems to us that everyone is taking a big, deep breath, before beginning the next exciting adventure, which I predict will be a military event of surprising proportions.

In the meantime, kiss a little more, sleep better, stay married, eat pizza, and remember, happy days are on their way.

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