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It Was Like A Movie.
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February 13, 1999

[Op-Art in The New York Times today, by Jesse Gordon.]

The cast is listed in order of appearance:

The President

  Bill Clinton

The Intern

  Monica Lewinsky

The Secretary

  Betty Currie

The President's Wife

  Hillary Clinton

The Independent Counsel

  Kenneth Starr

The Intern's Best Friend

  Linda Tripp

The President's Best Friend

  Vernon Jordan

The President's Lawyer

  David E. Kendall

The Plaintiff

  Paula Jones

The Literary Agent

  Lucianne Goldberg

The Dog


And, the names continue to scroll up and out of the picture as we all get up out of our seats and slowly walk out of the theater to our cars and our lives waiting outside. Someone says, "That was was great! What a show!" Someone else says, "God, it was WAY too long." There is the usual background of conversation as people discuss something else altogether. You can hear someone saying, "What's for dinner?" Two young women are discussing office politics, you can hear fragments, "...does he think he is? And what did he do then?" A Mother is trying to get her two sons to pick up the mess they made around their seats. Two older people, who seem really tired, are walking along with the crowd saying nothing, holding hands. Outside it was only mid-day or so, the sun was bright and it was warmer than you might expect in February. Someone was saying, a little too loudly, "Well, it was a story about right versus wrong and wrong won, this time." Someone else said, "It was a story of arrogance versus self-righteousness, and neither won." Someone said, "It was a waste of time and money. I'd rather be home reading." Someone said, "It was high Constitutional drama and the Constitution won." Someone else said, "It was a low, dark drama about human weakness and perversity. What a bunch of losers." Someone else said, "We should have waited for the video."

We have taken a giant step as a nation, in my opinion. The Presidency has been strengthened in a way that none could have predicted. Think about it. Two Speakers ousted. A majority party in both Houses horrifyingly embarrassed in their moralistic occupation of the lowest of grounds. Not even a one-vote majority on anything. The country's opinion of the majority party isn't just down a little, it's down a lot. And, the President says, "...any person who asks for forgiveness, has to be prepared to give it." He is stronger than ever, because of his humanity. He is the overwhelming victor because of his unwillingness to strike back. His legacy will be restored in the next two years, and the future will be brighter than ever for him, if he can do just one thing: keep the faith. A message to the President: don't do it again. Not in public, not in private. Show the people closest to you your strength of character, and remember you can't kid those who know you best. Learn that love is something you give, not something you get. As the poet said, the sound of success starts with that thud when you hit bottom. Remember that true forgiveness of sin lies in the destruction of sin, and in the forsaking of it. To pray for forgiveness, and then repeat the mistake over and over, is self-delusion. Don't go there. For now, you are free. To stay free and achieve great things, it is going to take more than words. One more misstep, Mr. Clinton, in your marriage, and all the goodwill you see today, the promise for tomorrow, the new deal you have carved out of this turmoil, will be gone in the blink of an eye. All alcoholics know that if they go back, they don't start out and slowly descend again. There is no grace period. If they take that drink, they are lost. You should remember that, lest a far, far worse fate befalls you. Because in the end, this is not a movie. There is no editing room. Now is real time and we are all watching. Here's your second chance, what you do with it will tell the tale.

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