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January 20, 1999

Daniel In The Lions' Den.
The State of the Union is... partisan.

Social Security

Transfer 62 percent of nation's expected budget surpluses over the next 15 years -- $2.7 trillion -- to the Social Security account to keep the program solvent until 2055.

Invest 25 percent of that money in the stock market in search of higher returns.

Reserve 15 percent of the surplus -- $650 billion -- to help the Medicare system.

Devote 11 percent of the surplus -- $500 billion -- to new government-subsidized retirement accounts.

Help To Families

Create a tax credit of up to $250 per child age 1 or younger for parents who stay home to care for them.

Establish a $1,000 tax credit for Americans with long-term health-care needs and family members who care for them.

Boost the minimum wage $1 by September 2000 so the hourly base pay is $6.15.

Take action to ensure the privacy of medical records.


Improve public education by ending social promotion, helping the worst schools in a state, giving teachers performance exams, giving parents more information about their local school and implementing student discipline plans.

Defense and World Affairs

Spend $12 billion to improve military readiness and modernization in fiscal 2000 -- and a total of $110 billion over six years.

Push ahead with trade liberalization to counter growing protectionist sentiment as nations struggle to cope with the 18-month global currency crisis.

Other Items

Create a new clean air fund to help communities reduce pollution, and tax incentives and investments to spur clean energy technologies.

Ensure the Year 2000 computer problem is fixed.

You can call me crazy but I bet his "approval ratings" go up even higher. It was a great speech, full of proposals that Republicans and Democrats have wanted for years. It's a crazy situation, I agree, but this is America, after all. Not England, for heaven's sake. We are what we are. Give it up, boys. Move on. He's staying put.

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