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January 19, 1999

Keeping The Faith.
Henry Hyde said it, but what did he really mean?

Senator Jesse Helms, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Senator Tom Lott, Representative Tom Delay, Henry Hyde and, of course, Kenneth Starr.

The Gang Of Six

It has been said that in "a hundred years from today, people will look back at what we have done and say, 'They kept the faith.'" But from the beginnings of this affair, it was far from the high-minded closing peroration that we heard from Mr. Jekyll... er... Hyde the other day in the well of the Senate. During that same speech the words "conspiracy," and "infamy" were repeated over and over in the shrillest and most stridently partisan way. And while it looks like a trial it can also be accurately viewed as the culmination of a long, virulent effort on the part of those pictured above to destroy this President and this man, William Jefferson Clinton. And to those of you who do not agree, or who call this version of events "liberal, I ask only that you bear with me through the facts, if that is not too much to ask.

In 1994, The American Spectator, published an article by David Brock. He interviewed the Arkansas State Trooper who was Clinton's gubernatorial bodyguard and identified a woman named "Paula" as a woman willing to be Bill's "regular girlfriend." Six weeks later, Paula Jones came forth and demanded Clinton's apology. She made these demands at a Washington Conference of the Conservative Political Action Committee, and she subsequently has had her entire law suit funded by donations from conservative sources (verifiable by her own filings). Later that same year Congress, under the leadership of the Republicans, renewed the Independent Counsel Act, and breaking with the tradition of appointing a senior judge to head the panel, William Renhquist appointed David Sentelle, an extreme conservative and friend of Jesse Helms. A moderate Republican, Robert Fiske, had been investigating the Clintons and Whitewater, but after conferring with Helms and others, Sentelle replaced Fiske with none other than Kenneth Starr. And then a year ago, lurching away from Whitewater, Starr lashed out at the Monica Lewinsky scenario, finally striking pay dirt (pun intended). Respected analysts like Robert Morgenthau have been appalled at Starr's disregarding of accepted practices and his blatantly acting as an "agent of the House of Representatives." And then the most strident of arch conservatives in the House led the charge for impeachment, Tom Delay of Texas. All of the main players in this "coup" come from the Republican heartland. I do not use that word "coup," lightly. Anthony Lewis in The New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, respected around the world for his fairness and erudition, stated in today's column, "The essence here is an attempted coup by ultra-conservatives." He goes on to quote Tom Delay, "When Tom Delay says this is 'about relativism versus absolute truth,' he speaks the language of totalitarianism."

So, this is not about "absolute truth." And it is not about perjury or obstruction of justice. And, it NOT about setting the proper example for our children. It is, as it always is, about one group of politicians trying to take another group of politicians out. Put another way it is about a "vengeful attempt to twist the Constitution into a partisan tool," and to obviate two elections and remove the most popular President of modern times.

But, in the end, they will be undone. In the end, this is not Bill Clinton's impeachment but the impeachment of the men whose pictures appear above. Like Newt Gingrich and all of the manipulators and backstabbers before him in American politics from Arron Burr all the way to Joe McCarthy, this gang of six has forgotten the most important thing of all: the American people.

In all their glory, the American People are the best informed, most forgiving, kindest, most enthusiastic citizens in the world. And their will be done.

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