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Monday, December 21, 1998

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Assumption Reversals Are Becoming Routine

Saddamn (sic) reappears like a Jack-In-The-Box claiming victory and the assumption that when we bomb something it stays bombed goes away without hardly a blink.

President Clinton emerges from a church yesterday holding a Bible in one hand and Chelsea's hand in the other and the assumption that the worst catastrophe in politics would be a little upsetting goes away with dazzling ease. It almost seems normal.

A Speaker Of The House resigns. Then another. The assumption of that position holding people of stature and solidity does down like a lopsided roll call vote.

Impeachment becoming a partisan procedure, however, still has not caught on. The people resist the thought that a bunch of politically motivated politicians would strip the Constitutional protection against
the abuse of Presidential power down to a sort of schoolyard, nah, nah, na-nah-nah, sort of thing has resulted in the lowest ratings in history for a majority party less than two months from the last election.

And then we have Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter joining together to call for the non-Constitutionally-sanctioned censure of a sitting, twice-elected President, instead of the Constitutionally-mandated trial in the Senate. So the asssuption of ex-Presidents being wise and statesman-like goes down before expediency.

And finally, the assumption of innocence (before proven guilty) has gone down before the angry neo-puritanists (that's nice of them, don't you think?) who don't really care about the legal technicalities or the letter (in the end) of the Constitution, now that they have convinced themselves that they know the spirit of the Constitution.

You may be surprised, but I am in favor of a trial in the Senate for William Jefferson Clinton. It's a no-lose for him. If they convict, it will appear to be a royal screwing of the mean, angry, misguided, coup d'etat plotter-Republicans. If they fail to convict (which seems most likely) it will be a royal vindication. Either way, those zealots who lead the GOP now are in a conspiracy against themselves, and I'm not sure they know it.

The Constitution demands a trial after articles of impeachment are presented.
So... Here comes the judge.

And one final assumption: The Man Of The Year was a sort of honor awarded by Time Magazine. No, it's just a recognition of who had the greatest effect on the news. So, Hitler, Caligula, Ghengis Khan... they would have been up there along with this year's recipients, but not Mother Teresa or Albert Schweitzer.

To me, that sort of encourages a wrong behavior, like rewarding vandals with national publicity. Call me crazy, but I would have preferred, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, John Glenn or even Hilliary Clinton as examples of the higher qualities of humanity.

But, I subscribe to Newsweek anyway, so what do I know?

See you next time?

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