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Saturday, November 28, 1998

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Look Ma, No Hands!

Knowing that you wouldn't believe it, I will just quote
The New York Times story in today's newspaper,
and one other source:

PLEASANTON, Calif. Nov. 26 (AP) -- A male stripper hired to perform for a group of teen-agers faces lewd conduct charges for supposedly fondling at least four of the girls during his routine. The mother of the girl who held the party and is accused of hiring the stripper, also faces charges.

The girls were apparently willing participants in the strip act, performed last month, the Alameda County prosecutors said they were pursuing charges because the stripper touched four 15-year-olds during his 30-minute show.

Deputy District Attorney Deborah Streicher said: "If this was just stripping, I don't know if we would have charged him. But he went beyond that."

The stripper, Steven Schmitt, 29, of Walnut Creek was taken into custody today and faces four felony charges of lewd and lascivious conduct with minors. Mr. Schmitt could be sentenced to three years in prison if convicted, Sgt. Ron Park said.

In a separate interview, not reported in The New York Times, Steven discussed the incident in detail. He related that he was given an assignment to "dance for a party of women" in Pleasanton. He went to the address, knocked on the door, and admitted. Inside there were 15 or so young women, of undetermined age. "Now I was in a tight spot, you know," he said. "Night after night I do this in front of all kinds of women: I never ask their ages. It's against common sense. They can take offense." So, he began dancing to the music and disrobing. As always, the women encouraged him by putting money down the front of his pants. "It's routine," he said. Once stripped, as always, the women continued to tease him. "They like to see me... you know." In the normal course of events he danced with the women who wanted to. "They all danced the fast ones, but just four wanted to do the slow ones. We all danced together in a group." After all of the festivities he left for his next gig. "I actually had a good time, wich is rare. The women were fun and they never stopped laughing. And the tips were great. Over $200."

The mother who ordered the stripper was also interviewed, on condition of anonimity, and stated: "Jesus, it was tame. Just a guy running around naked. The girls were having a ball and, obviously, so was he, if you know what I mean. I guess it was stupid, but, hey why make a federal case out of it. It was just fun."

The girl whose party it was, and is not charged since she turned 16 that night, stated: "Well, it was like, hello, just silly. You know. It wasn't like perverted or anything. He was sort of cool in an old sort of way. It's no big whoop. We all have boyfriends. Duh!"

The Deputy District Attorney, is pressing charges and Steven faces harsh internment because of laws protecting women in California under the age of sixteen. These laws are applicable, even when protecting the young underage women from themselves.

Top photo courtesy of "Corner Pocket Dancers" -- California
Bottom photo courtesy of Pleasanton High School Class of 2000.

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