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Wednesday, November 25, 1998

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Stocks, The House Of Lords & Hillary

The market is bouncing, but not like a ball at all. This thing bounces higher and higher, not lower and lower. So don't worry, don't sell. I know that things look scary-rosy. Think about it: if your stock is only going up 1 or 2 points a day you feel like you're getting screwed. Imagine the changing mindset: you look at your EBAY stock and it's only up 22 points. You're disappointed. Then you switch over to your MSFT stock and it's up 15/16ths at 10:30 A.M. "What a dog," you think. Then you whip over to YHOO, and it's up just a measley 6 points. You think your money is not working hard enough. You check out some new ideas like GNET which is the best search engine on the web and why behind the glory jumps of Lycos, Yahoo and Excite, and it's still hovering at 36 something, actually down a 1/16th. "No way, Jose" you mouse off in another direction. You jumped in on the mega merger of AOL and NSCP but are now quite disappointed with only an 8 point jump in two days. You swing in on GE just to see and it's plodding along at half a point up or so. You think to yourself, "That stock is so yesterday." And then you ponder you're attitude. Whay are your expectations so high? This investment thing is a long-term exercise, not short-term windfalls. So, you calm down. Reasonably happy with a 637% increase at over the past year. But there's another thought nagging at your subsconcious, "Maybe I should throw 10K at GNET before it blasts off." You reach for your checkbook to check the balance as you dial your broker with one hand, and click back to AOL with the other to see what's happened in the last ten minutes. The site loads slowly because of the extremely heavy traffic.

Who do you think you are, THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND?
There she is (left). On THE Throne, wearing THE Crown. She is reading a prepared text that is announcing the fact that the government is doing away with the hereditary nobility in England, starting with the House Of Lords hereditary peerages.

And, then there's this next picture (below). Here, she is strolling along towards her Throne, wearing a nice train, shall we say? So what do you think she's really thinking? "When Charles gets here, there won't be anything left. I'll fix him for marrying that hussy."





Without the peerage steering the Parliament away from foolishness such as abolishing the hereditary seats that they love to sit in, the Monarchs themselves are closer to the people and not quite so royal and aloof as before. So, what we are really wondering about is is she thinking what we're thinking? Back to Cromwell and the boys? No King Charles.. No Queen Mum. And will anyone really care? It's a lot of pomp and no circumstance, really. They look sillier and sillier all the time. A royal family just because they are the royal family. Engalnd should do it the way we do it, the old fashioned way: the Kennedy's, the Bushes, The Gates', The Steven Jobs... we earn it. Hey, Lizzie! It's the way of the world. You can't just be royal anymore. You've got to be useful.

And then we come to one useful, resilent, intelligent, practical amazing person: Hillary Rodham Clinton. And, I've never been a fan of her. She always seemed cold to me, and not someone I would like to be married to. But, my opinion is changing. She has stood fast in her support of Bill. She has been a strong and positive role model for her daughter and for all of our duaghters. Her head is bloodied but unbowed. And people out there respect her and she deserves it all the way.

People are really talking about her running for President. In the final days of the last campaign she made a huge difference in the signature races of that election. Her list of friends runs from coast to coast to coast to Canada. Oversees she is more popular than hear. Her name is mentioned as a Supreme Court Justice, Senator, Governor, Vice President. She is young (just 50) and healthy as a horse. If she was the brains and Bill was the .... the what? Maybe we should say she was the sandwich and he was .... hmmm. How about she was the bat and he was the.... well. Anyway, they made a team, not because of his ridiculous adventures but because of her loyalty and her willingness to put other things first. She put the Presidency above her marriage, he put it below his libido. She put th country first, and in the end he put himself first. She treasured the opportunity and honored it. He squandered it and dishonored it. She put the Presidency back in the White House, he put the President back into....well you'll have to read Monica's new book.

So, don;t count her out as he circles the drain. She has her honor and her integrity. And, she has Bill. So, it'll be fun t watch it all play out. But for a guy who always makes a come back and comes out on top, he has met his match and lost. Hillary. You've got to respect her.

See you next time?
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