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Selectmen's Minutes

September 11, 1996

Board met in Regular Session 7.30 p.m. in their Meeting Room in Abbot Hall

Present (constituting a quorum):

Thomas A. McNulty, Chairman
Diane E. St. Laurent
William Conly
William M. Purdin
F. Reed Cutting, Jr.
Anthony M. Sasso, Town Administrator

MINUTES. Motion made and seconded to amend the minutes of September 4, 1996 as suggested by Assistant Town Counsel pertaining to Rosalie's Restaurant. Four Selectmen voted in favor, Mr. Conly abstained (he was not present at that meeting).

MONTEROSSO. Dwight "Buck" Grader appeared before the Board to report on his visit to our new sister city Monterosso al Mare, Italy. He brought greetings from their mayor. Mr. Grader and his family visited the city for three days in August and reported on the wonderful hospitality and beauty of the area.

MARBLEHEAD YOUTH HOCKEY. Rose McCarthy reported on the results of her recent bottle drive to benefit Marblehead Youth Hockey. She collected 14,737 bottles and raised $736. 85 which she donated to Marblehead Youth Hockey to use for ice time and scholarships. Donations of money will be accepted until the end of September at the National Grand Bank. The Board thanked Mrs. McCarthy for her efforts.

E-911 COMMUNICATIONS CENTER/POLICE STATION. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the Board of Selectmen to appear before the Finance Committee to request a transfer of $3600 to be transferred to Article 57 1995, E-911/Communication Center/Police Station in order to place the wires underground. All in favor.

Motion made and seconded to table until next week the request of the Town Planner to have the Board decide what to do with the time capsule which will be unearthed at the E-91 I Communications Center/Police Station. All in favor.

POLICE DEPARTMENT. Appointment of Police Officers. Three people had been interviewed at previous meetings for two openings as Permanent Full-Time Police Officers. Motion made and seconded to place the names of all three candidates in nomination: Cabot Dodge, Roy Ballard and Nancy Titus Person. All in favor. On a polled vote, the Board voted as follows: Mr. Cutting - Cabot Dodge and Roy Ballard; Mr. Purdin - Cabot Dodge and Roy Ballard; Mrs. St. Laurent - Roy Ballard and Cabot Dodge; Mr. Conly - Cabot Dodge and Roy Ballard; Mr. McNulty - Roy Ballard and Cabot Dodge. Cabot Dodge and Roy Ballard were appointed Permanent Full-Time Police Officers.

SCHOOL COMMITTEE/ BOARD OF SELECTMEN. Appointment of School Committee Member. A joint meeting of the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen took place. Joining the members of the Board of Selectmen were School Committee Members Jody Magee, Gretchen Vona, Ron Grenier, Joan Rosenthal. Robert Clayman was the only candidate interviewed. Both Boards commented on the impressive qualifications of Mr. Clayman. Motion made and seconded to place in nomination for the opening slot on the School Committee the name of Robert Clayman. All in favor. Mr. Clayman was appointed to the position by unanimous vote of all those present.

Mr. McNulty acknowledged receipt of a letter from Jody Magee, Chairman of the School Committee, requesting the appointment by the Selectmen of an appropriate official to the School Facilities Subcommittee. The consensus of the Board was to take this request under advisement.

PERMISSION. Road Race. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the J. C. C. of the North Shore to hold a walk-a-thon on Sunday, October 20, 1996 at 1:00 p.m. All in favor.

Motion made and seconded to approve the request of RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) to plant spring bulbs at Abbot Hall during the first week in October with a small plaque to be placed next to such a bed. It is expected these bulbs will bloom around April 14, 1997, which is National Volunteer Week. All in favor.

CEMETERY COMMISSION. Mr. McNulty mentioned the passing of James Lennox, a former Cemetery Commissioner. Sympathy is extended to his family.

LICENSE. All Alcoholic Beverage License. King's Rook. Mr. McNulty read a letter from Frank Regan. President and Manger of The King's Rook, Inc., withdrawing his application for an All Alcoholic Beverage License due to the fact that none exists currently in the Town of Marblehead.

AMERICAN LEGION. Motion made and seconded to support the request of the American Legion to move two World War I memorials to Memorial Park, working with the Recreation and Park Department. All in favor.

POLICE DEPARTMENT. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of Police Chief Palmer to indemnify Officer Donald Decker regarding case No. 152074 effective September 1, 1996. All in favor.

PERMISSION. A request was made to allow a girl scout troop sleep over at Abbot Hall. The consensus of the Board was to deny this request. However, one member of the Board or Mr. Sasso would be glad to take this troop on a tour of Abbot Hall.

ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON DISABILITIES. The Selectmen are interested in appointing an Advisory Committee on Disabilities. Interviews will be conducted by the Board, and interested parties should call the Selectmen's Office at 631-0000. Interviews will be scheduled over the next several weeks.

MASSACHUSETTS CONFERENCE ON WOMEN. Selectman St. Laurent announced this Conference will take place at Simmons College in Boston on September 28, 1996 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Anyone interested in attending should contact Mrs. St. Laurent.

NATIONAL GRAND BANK. Chairman McNulty thanked the National Grand Bank for implementing a program to assist businesses in Town to spot counterfeit bills. There has been a recent influx of counterfeit $20 and $50 bills.

Motion made and seconded that the Board go into Executive Session to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining, votes may be taken, and if they are, votes will be released at a time deemed appropriate by counsel, not to resume in open session. On a polled vote, the Board voted as follows: Mr. Cutting, in favor; Mr. Purdin, in favor; Mrs. St. Laurent, in favor; Mr. Conly, in favor; and Mr. McNulty in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Patricia D. Charbonnier
Administrative Aide

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