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Selectmen's Minutes

March 5, 1997

Board met in Regular Session 7.30 p.m. in their Meeting Room in Abbot Hall

Present (constituting a quorum):

Thomas A. McNulty, Chairman
William E. Conly
Diane E. St. Laurent
William M. Purdin
F. Reed Cutting, Jr.

Anthony M. Sasso, Town Administrator
MINUTES. Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes of February 26, 1997.

POLICE DEPARTMENT. Chairman McNulty read a letter from Police Chief John B. Palmer in which he requested the Selectmen appoint four Permanent Intermittent Police Officers from Certification List No. 960827. The Chief recommended the following candidates be offered Conditional Offers of Emplovment in this order: Sean M. Sweeney, Jonathan E. Lunt, Bret T. Murray and David Ostrovitz. The Chief further recommended the following candidates be voted as alternates in this order: Cary A. Gaynor, Chris P. Gallo and Scott R. Murray. Sean Sweeney was present at the meeting and was interviewed by the Board. The remaining candidates will be interviewed on March 12 and March 19, and appointments will be made effective the nineteenth.

BOY SCOUTS. Letter read from Lori Groff, Member of the Troop Committee of Boy
Scout Troop 11, announcing that Christopher R. vonRueden has attained the rank of Eagle Scout. A letter of congratulations will be sent from the Selectmen.

LICENSE. Dolphin Yacht Club. Seasonal Club All Alcoholic Beverage. Atty.
Malcolm Finks, Commodore Richard Fishkin, and Manager Robert Strasnick appeared before the Board requesting a Club All Alcoholic Seasonal License. This is a change from a Club Wine and Malt Seasonal License. Marvin Frank spoke in favor. There was no opposition. Motion made and second to approve the request of the Dolphin Yacht Club Seasonal Club All Alcoholic Beverage License effective April 1, 1997 to January 15, 1998 subject to Town Counsel review. On a polled vote, the Board voted as follows: Mr. Purdin, in favor; Mrs. St. Laurent, in favor; Mr. Cutting, in favor; and Mr. McNulty, in favor.

COUNCIL ON AGING. Motion made and seconded to remove from the table the request of the Council on Aging to increase their revolving fund from $50,000 to $100,000. All in favor. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the Council on Aging to increase their revolving fund from $50,000 to $100,000. All in favor.

BOARD OF HEALTH. Carl Goodman, Chairman of the Board of Health, appeared before the Board in order to make a presentation to William K. Faulkner from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environrnental Affairs for his important contribution to the Town's recycling efforts.

FINANCE COMMITTEE. Chairman McNulty read a notice of a Public Hearing to be held by the Finance Committee on Thursday, March 20, 1997 and continued on Monday, March 24, 1997 if needed in the Selectmen's Room in Abbot Hall at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to hear discussion pro and con on articles in the warrant of the May 5, 1997 Annual Town Meeting.

MARBLEHEAD POWER SQUADRON. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the Marblehead Power Squadron to place signs at Lafayette Street near the intersection of Maple Street, on the traffic island at the intersection of Maple, Humphrey and Tedesco Street, and just into the town line at Atlantic Avenue. The purpose of the signs is to announce the Marblehead Power Squadron Basic Boating Course that is open to the general public. All in favor.

HARBORS AND WATERS BOARD. Selectman Purdin reported he had met with the Friends of Marblehead Harbor, and suggested the appointment of a subcommittee to build an agenda for a meeting of the Selectmen, the Harbors & Waters Board and the Friends of Marblehead Harbor. Motion made and seconded that two Selectmen be appointed by the Chairman to meet with the Harbors & Waters Board and report back to this Board. All in favor.

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS/MARBLEHEAD HOUSING AUTHORITY. Chairman McNulty announced that David Delany will be tendering his resignation in the very near future from the Zoning Board of Appeals as well as the Marblehead Housing Authority. The consensus of the Board was to leave the Marblehead Housing Authority seat vacant until the annual election in May. Voters have only until March 17 to file nomination papers.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn at 8:17 p.m. All in favor.

Patricia D. Charbonnier
Administrative Aide

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