Personnel Introduction

Legend, Inc. and its extensive network of associates come from both the national advertising community and locally in New England. We have experience throughout the country and around the world, including China and the Orient, as well as Europe and South America.

We have adapted an in-house creative and direction agency system augmented by a deep group of associates to accommodate the reality that it is impossible to be an expert at all aspects of modern marketing. For our clients, we can bring to bear an amazing array of talent and expertise (“boots on the ground”) on any subject and in any media.

We create and manage all creative and account management in-house. Design and copywriting, printing, media, and vendor management are all done by Legend principals. Our associates provide another layer and level of expertise in photography, original artwork, proofreading, translations, printing, list acquisitions, Internet marketing, direct mail, and publishing, to mention just a few.

Our in-house technology is second-to-none, including an innovative Internet courier system, 24 hour, 365-day online access (including Google Voice to all cell phones) that guarantees that when you need to contact us, you can.

Over the years, we have formed a core team of dedicated key personnel who command a complex system for service delivery for our clients that any advertising agency would love to have. We have all worked closely together for many years. So our work is accurate, professional, creative, and based on deep, abiding relationships that you can count on.

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