Joy Purdin


There is nothing easy about working together for people who are not married. But in the history of our company there is one relationship that has been formative and crucial. From the beginning, working together with her husband, Joy has consistently kept a steady and resolute vision of Legend, Inc. as a top-quality, highly creative agency that retains its unique flavor and clear-headed creativity and continues to grow, not in the tremendous number of employees but in the size of the creative power and product we produce, and in the scope of the projects to which we are assigned.

In the beginning, Joy Purdin oversaw the production team. Coming from the newspaper industry, her sales abilities and management skills were sorely needed. In the days when there were no computers, her steady hand and fun-loving attitude always sustained the company during all-nighters, during emergencies, and day in and day out during the routines of the business. With a Master’s degree in education, her skills eventually migrated to the finances of the agency, and as we grew, she took on the responsibilities of Controller and Vice President.

In those days, married to Bill for 18 years, mother of Blythe, and always an educator at heart, she took on an additional responsibility as a fourth grade teacher in the public schools. She has taught in Marblehead Public Schools for many years.

Today, while she is not as active in the agency as she once was, her amazing creativity, her wise counsel, and her love of the advertising business is still part of every business day.

Bill and Joy will celebrate their 34th year of marriage in late 2014.