Creativity: to see what everyone else has seen,
and then to think what no one else has ever thought.

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We know how busy you are, and we hope your receptiveness to new ideas and your willingness to try new things will be rewarded. is an experienced, creative advertising agency and content marketing company. We explore new ways to reach new people every day.

Our philosophy of active exploration, creative freedom, and always being willing to entertain new ideas is reflected directly in our work. The services and scope of Legend Advertising have proven to be dependable tools to achieve better marketing for our clients. After over 17,600 individual projects we are sure they can help you too.

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We always stress the creative, inclusive, industrious, highly productive answer to every challenge. We will surprise you with our capabilities, our speed and efficiency of production, and our skills in communication and involvement.

Our goals are to increase the scope, consistency, creativity, and persuasiveness of your communications with current and potential customers. Whenever possible and appropriate, we include an emphasis on customer retention as the basis for continuous growth. We believe that happy customers quickly spread the word and that new sales really make a difference only when your existing customers’ loyalty is all but unshakable.

Establishing and maintaining a position of leadership and a true vision of successful principles are the two central elements of all great marketing. But they are not easy to achieve. It takes a special agency/client relationship and a unique set of skills on both sides of the equation. It takes an interesting — but unmistakable — commitment to excellence.

An ounce of performance is worth a pound of promise. Why not contact us about a project today? Call me at (781) 990-8707. One project can answer a lot of questions.

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