Legendinc.com is a full-service advertising agency with strong internet capabilities. Our clients market nationally, internationally and via the Internet. We are always interested in both experienced and entry-level creative and sales personnel. We also accept applications from and hire paid interns and part-time associates. All positions have a sales component.

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Marblehead Magazine is a community-based magazine interested in hiring local writers, for news articles, feature articles, calendar and site updating, as well as internet-only advertising sales. All magazine work can be done from your location on a computer and via the internet. Obviously, an interest in Marblehead, Massachusetts is important. We are always looking for writer/salespeople. Our system is: 25% commission on all advertising sales, and the other 75% is made available for reporting and writing fees. All work is done on a sub-contractor/freelance basis. So, by way of example, if you sell a yearly contract (see advertising information page) for $1020, once the check is received and clears, you will receive an immediate payment of $255, and $765 will be available for additonal writing and reporting fees. All fees for writing and reporting are arranged individually with the publisher.

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