The Complete Prose, Poetry, and Essays of W. Mahlon Purdin.

I. First Poems 1974
II. No Place to Wash Our Hands 1975
III. The Ballad of Hayden Brown 1975
IV. And Is Mine One? 1976
V. Go Forth Companionless 1976
VI. July Poems 1976
VII. Self Poems 1977
VIII. Touch & Eddy 1977
IX. Forty Days and Forty Nights 1982-1990
X. Untitled Poems 1987
XI. Pencil Poems, Fading Poems 1987
XII. Untitled Poems II 1993
XIII. Songs Compiled 1994
XIV. Spoondrifiting 2001
XV. Working Poems 2001-2002
XVI. Welkin Blush 2002-2004
XVII. Selected Poems: A Chrestomathy (2003)
XVIII. Poems Written v.1 2005
XIX. Poems Written v.2 2006
XX. Poems Written v.4 2007
XXI. Poems Written v.4. 2008-2009
XXII. Poems Written v.5 2010
XXIII. Pathetic Poems 2011
XXIV. Poems Written v.5 2011-2012
The Last Remains 1972
Abyss 1973
Wish You Were Here 1978
The Cat Who Came in from the Cold 1987
Kill Zone 1979, updated 2002
Iznaya 1980
Ratworld 1990, updated 2003
The ScreenMaster Chronciles: The Rise of Farson Uiost 2014
The ScreenMaster Chronicles: The Seas of Sargasso 2015
The ScreenMaster Chronicles: The Dreams of Ida Rothschild 2016
I’ll Ask Her In The Morning 2017
The ScreenMaster Chronicles: The World of Nor 2018
Comments and blogs
Magazine articles (partial)
Writings on
Letters from Vietnam
A selection for each book of poetry is available within the site. Some work was written as Jacob Harmony, and W. Mahlon Purdin.
Notes to readers about date notation system: No notation-1960 to 1969, 2-(70s), 3-(80s), 4-(90s), 5-(00s), 6-(10s), and so on. There are some ambiguities, which can be overcome in the context. For example, 110-6 is January 1, 2010; but 1221-6 could be January 22, 2011 or December 2, 2011.