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Mary Love
Photos by Jody Scioletti
Text by Bill Purdin

Mary Love, 74, was born in 1916 on Prospect Street in her family home. Her parents were Joseph McDonald and Mary Hourihan McDonald. Her mother was also born, at home, in Marblehead.

Mary's family roots are in Ireland. She attended Marblehead Public Schools, graduating from Marblehead High School, Class of 1934. She had two children, Rosemary, now deceased and Ellen Noland, who lives in Beverly Farms.

Mary worked behind the counter at the old Eaton's on the Avenue for over 40 years. Asked if after all that time dealing with the public, there were anything or any incidents that stood out. ''No," she said flatly, "I just like the people." Asked if people think she's unfriendly at all, she snapped back, "I'm very friendly." Asked what she thought of all the changes in Marblehead, she answered, "Not much." Asked if the changes in town were for the better, she said, "Yes." How? "Oh, I don't know, it just is that's all."

Mary enjoyed walking downtown, uptown, anywhere, "Doesn't bother me," she said. As long as its Marblehead, that is.

One of her earliest recollections is of Calvin Coolidge, when he came to Swampscott in the summers.

You could have seen Mary, Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. waiting for the store to open, walking up and down the avenue looking at the windows.

She was in institution there for 40 years. Mary Love, behind the counter at Eaton's. You knew that was something you could count on.

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