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Jimmy Carter.
A Role Model Who Goes All The Way.

March 8, 1999

You can say what you want to about him, but he has been, perhaps, the finest ex-President in the history of the country. The Habitat For Humanity, his wonderful books of poetry, his service in the Middle East and as a fair witness for free elections around the world, his stands on hunger and disease, his work to help African farmers, his tireless efforts to increase worldwide immunization, and it goes on and one. But, to me, one of the most helpful things he has always done is share his own life and thoughts freely. Whether it was the famous admission that he "lusted in his heart" to Playboy Magazine, or now, at the age of 75, talking about the effects of aging and his perspective on getting older.

"Our love has deepened in many ways, including in physical ways. We have made a deliberate decision to do more things together. He spoke about the ugly arguments they still have (he gave an example of one that went on for days). He admitted that their marriage had gone through some very hard times, but that through honest efforts at apology or forgiveness much good has come their way. Jimmy spoke of being liberated by old age, and of achieving a point in life where he is able to things he had only dreamed of. He spoke of asking himself, "If not now, when?"
And, there were those strange moments in his life: you remember the attack of the ferocious swimming rabbit on the Colorado River, of course. And then there is his carefully recorded UFO sighting.

But he is regarded as one of the most intelligent of all Presidents, and perhaps the most moral of all. And unlike some Presidents, who found that life after the Presidency left a lot to be desired, Jimmy hit the ground running and has never stopped for a minute. His list of post-President accomplishments outshine some Presidents in office. And of course while in office he negotiated the Camp David accords which still stand today, unbroken and as the basis for peace in the most volatile and cantankerous hot spot on the planet. Jimmy Carter has given Ex-Presidents a good name. He has climbed mountain, built homes, written and spoken extensively, participated significantly in world affairs, let his life shine so that others may see his good works, and has remained aloof from politics in general. Whenever the leaders of the world have needed someone whose reputation for honesty and fairness is above all question, guess who they call? And to me, that he is opening up his life, as he always did, for close inspection as he and his wife transit through old age, is just more proof of his true greatness. I hope that somewhere out there, there's another Jimmy Carter working his, or her, way through the politics of America and when the time comes, we will have the benefit of their leadership an example. It's something, so genuine, that we always need more of it. Here are a few more pictures you might enjoy:


Jimmy & Rosalynn working on a home for someone else.

The official Presidential Portrait of James Earl Carter, Jr.

Secretary of the Navy John Dalton, giving Jimmy a model
of the USS Jimmy Carter, the last Seawolf Class submarine.

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