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Stealth No More.
The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Goes Down
Erasing The Myth Of Invincibility.

March 29, 1999

This plane is a strategic, long-range heavy bomber. It's "low-observable" technology -- previously referred to popularly as "invisible" -- and its all-altitude capabilities allow it to penetrate the most sophisticated air defenses on the planet today. But, what about a well-aimed hand-held stinger? Opps. There are approximately 52, now, of these planes operational around the world. The secret of the low-observable technology is that it allows one plane to do what used to take an armada of planes to do: dependably deliver a payload to destroy a specifically designated target. Ever wonder why the military is willing to spend so much for just one plane? There it is. You can get the bad guys. They can't stop you. And you only need one or two planes. Nice and neat. Low-exposure technology is more like it. Typically the B-2 flies with one crew member, but can carry two. So instead of 75 aircraft and hundreds of pilots and crew, you risk just one pilot. Since it is a "heavy" bomber, that means it can really deliver a big bang. Plus it has a range of 6,000 miles and is refuelable in the air. The cockpit is very comfortable, and with advanced auto pilot protocols, the pilot can sleep on the way, arrive at the theater of battle, refreshed and ready to party. The plane carries 20 tons of bombs. It is weather insensitive. A B-2 Stealth can "deliver" 16 one-ton precision-guided bombs to targets precisely chosen by generals many miles away. She's a beautiful thing. And she's all ours. Nobody else is even close to being able to afford this little party favor.

Unfortunately the first plane that Slobodan Milosevic's troops (apparently) shot down was the B-2. But one of the interesting little tidbits that did not emerge saliently in all of this was the fact that our military did not destroy the plane once it had crashed. Typically, there's a mad rush do this to keep the technology from the hands of the natives. So, we can surmise that the weapons had all been "delivered." And that the pilot probably had time to set the self-destruct mechanism before he was picked up by the crack "pilot rescue" team. So they got her, but they got her too late. And, then the pilot got away, too. So they shot the plane down -- maybe -- but that was it. And, oh by the way, where are the other 52 of these babies? And don't forget the rest of the US Military forces in and around Kosovo. There are upwards to 1,000,000 troops and logistics personnel already committed to the region. General Michael Ryan, Tactical Air Commander, stated today in The New York Times, that, "This was a tough decision made by the Administration." To me that means, in for a penny, in for a pound. Clinton is going to get Milosevic, and he, Clinton, is resolute in ending this genocide and nationalistic aggression here and now. Where are all those critics of Clinton, now? Why don't they come forward and support the President and NATO? George W. Bush, Jr. will not comment, until, apparently, he sees which way the winds are blowing. Some are supportive, but not Clinton's impeachers and the far right of the Republican party. You would have hoped for more, by now. I would have at least. We are already coordinating the ground forces in Kosovo, so people who wring their hands over ground troops, are kidding themselves and just don't understand the art of war. Who do you think fought through the Serbia soldiers to get the pilot? This conflict is being running by the tactical commanders on the ground, as quoted by General Ryan today. This is already a ground war, as are all wars. The only way to save Kosovo is in person. And the only route to that victory is sacrifice, courage and commitment. Are you ready?

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