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Back At It.
February 6, 1999


Now, this is where I was for the past seven days. And, it looks exactly like this (without the beveled edges, of course). Sometimes standing there I was so stricken by the beauty that I really felt like it was a dream. Going to the desert, one has thoughts of dryness and heat. Being in the modern desert is quite different. It is dry, but not hot in February. In their summer it is really hot (130 degrees, sometimes). But it is also such a man-made environment that for me coming from New England it was sort of scary. You could see lines between the brown of the natural desert and the deep, lush green of the new desert. In Palm Springs there were 70 golf courses. And, each one I played was the most beautiful golf course I have ever seen. But my point here is not about golf, it's that this man-made place is really, really nice. The people were very friendly, there were enormous sidewalks everywhere, perfect for inline skating, and laid out in the most attractive way possible: winding, not straight; red, smooth concrete, not tarmac; and landscaped, sprinkled and groomed, even on the back roads; not neglected, dirty, ugly and with roots everywhere sometimes protruding three feet into the air. The grocery stores had everything. The clothing stores all had sales. The rooms were far, far better than expected. I didn't see one finger-throwing, road raging person. The food was fresh and delicious. There must have been a thousand television channels. The only problem I had for the week was going to a laundry and working with a faulty washer, but while I was away a woman there actually squeezed them (the spin cycle didn't work), put them in the drier and used her own money. (And then told me I didn't have to pay her back.)

So, don't be afraid to take some time off in a place like Palm Springs. It lifts your attitude to a higher altitude. Sometimes that is the most important result of a change of scenery.

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