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January 3, 1999

Wanna Go For A Ride?

She's over 1,000 feet long and carries 1500 passengers. Here's the copy and photos from her advertising brochure describing what's in store for you.

Welcome to the Sovereign of the Seas. The Sovereign of the Seas departs year-round from Miami offering 3 & 4 Night Cruise Vacations to the Bahamas. The Sovereign of the Sea leaves on a the 3 Night Cruise every Friday and a 4 Night Cruise every Monday. You sail to Nassau and CocoCay. Plus, on the four-night cruise you'll get to explore the Key West. It's a vacation that goes to great lengths to please -- and all in just three or four nights.

And here's where you go. Here's your room. Nice, right? You're really all set. It's going to be a cruise of your dreams. Romance. Food, food, and more food. Stopping here and there to buy stuff, go swimming... let it all hang out. You're on vacation. Leave your troubles behind.

And then some. In a major exposé today, The New York Times has uncovered a continuing conspiracy on the part of Royal Caribbean, the world's largest cruise line, to circumvent widely-accepted environmental protections by dumping waste oil and other "refuge" in their wake as they entertain passengers with the charade of a "carefree" cruise on the high seas. In addition to leaving their troubles behind, apparently the passengers are leaving something else back there, too. And very surprisingly, guess who is defending the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in American courts? None other than the famous Elliot L. Richardson and Benjamin Civiletti, two former Attorney Generals.

One under Reagan. One under Carter. Now they are underwater. Dirty water.

The cruise line saves millions of dollars by getting around the clean water regulations and even though the majority of their business comes from The United States, they argue that because they fly a foreign flag, US regulations have no jurisdictions on them and their actions. So, cruise around the Florida Keys and pollute without regard? Why would Richardson and Civiletti agree to argue that case? Just when you think that we are getting things cleaned up (even Russia is now concerned with pollution, they are cleaning up the Caspian) we see again the greatest pollution on this planet is the LOVE of money (not money itself). Greed. The cruise line (as reported) in June 1998 pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction of justice, admitted that its ships had rigged the pipes to bypass anti-pollution equipment and agreed to pay $9 million in fines. They also promised to never do it again. Whoops there goes another billion gallons of crap (and oil) into the ocean. Strong evidence exists to argue that this dumping creates lasting pollution in the fragile oceans where these behemoths pass. And, you can call me crazy, but I don't understand this one: Richardson and Civiletti are arguing the unprecedented case that private companies doing business in the United States are immune from criminal prosecution. The pay must be good, really good.
But good for whom?

See you next time?

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