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January 26, 1999

The Ten Questions.
Or, are they Commandments?

These "Ten Questions" that the Senate Republicans have crafted are really, by my count 32 questions, and most the "questions" are each preceded by a lawyer's restatement of testimony given under different circumstances. They would be obviously entrappingly couched to any other lawyer, but, in the end, these questions were not written for lawyers or even for the President. They were written in a lame attempt to influence public opinion. I am sure, in their hearts, that the House managers cannot imagine why people are not getting their message. The questions illustrate this frustration. Over and over the questions are basically, "You lied, you lied, you lied. Do you know that?" But that begs the real question: and that is: what did you lie about?" The people know it's all about sex. Hence, everybody lies about sex. Not a big deal. The people know about sexual affairs and especially extramarital sexual affairs. So, he tried to get the girl a job? Who wouldn't? So he tried to keep it all a secret and his friends helped him? Who wouldn't? What if your friend called you? You would have helped and you know it. If we could look into the lives of each of the House managers, you know exactly what we would see, don't you? Affairs, cover-ups, helping friends, hurting enemies... would it all be so surprising? They say that there is no contrition for his breaking of the oath, of breaking the public trust, of mis-exampling of children. But is that true? He apologized so much that there were editorials calling him a big baby, and "enough, already," they said. Imagine just the pain he feels with knowing that Chelsea's life is forever affected by his childishness. Let alone what he has done to himself.

But they press on. They said in private session (the first one) that the question of witnesses would be put off, meaning obviously that if no consensus developed during the open process it would be dropped. Otherwise, why not press to have it done at the time, early is better than later? Because, the Managers are just as manipulative as they accuse the President of being. Maybe worse, because they ARE using their official powers, and Clinton just used his human powers (or urges, even).

In the end, I believe that the Managers and leading-the-charge-Republicans are way out of touch. Hyde said that the people of America are "hungry for people who believe in something." And he really believes that. He went on to say that "we believe in something." But what, the people want to know? They believe in holding a political enemy to a higher standard than they themselves can sustain, and they believe they can win with a value like that. The Republicans, in the first instance, should have forgiven the President, saying that there was no abuse of Presidential power, as there was in Andrew Johnson's impeachment. They could have stated that Bill Clinton's moral character speaks for itself, and gotten on with the business at hand. But they decided to press hypocritically on, impeaching the President for stupid sex tricks, and then when the people balked at that, they went on to impeach America. Now where, I ask you, is that going to get them? They will fail in the Impeachment of Of The President, and they will fail in the Impeachment of the American People. And, almost comically, they will succeed in impeaching themselves. And even their star, Asa Hutchinson, said yesterday, "I know that I am committing political suicide here." And so the slaughter goes on in Kosovo and Sierra Leone. The lunatics press on in Iraq. And our little finger-pointing tempestuous teapot circus slogs on and on towards its foregone conclusion. I do hear the distant hissing sound of the air going out of the tires of this thing. But they have the votes to keeping it going. And, with every partisan vote (45 Democrats, 55 Republicans) the people are asking themselves about that ratio. In the end the American people are responsible for all of this, and they (we) know it. As predicted back in July, the Democrats will sweep in the next election: the Presidency, the Congress (both houses) and in all of the states and localities. There will be exceptions because the American people are also fair, but it will be more than clear. The people do not like what is going on at all.

And, then the Republicans can ask "one" more question: "What were we thinking? Who were we listening to?"

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