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January 15, 1999

The Senate Shut-Ins
And, You Think You've Got It Bad.

Imagine that you have been sentenced to this jury duty. It was not a "by chance" appointment,
either. You ran for this job with all your heart. You spoke at every opportunity, large and small.
You rasied enormous sums of money. You suffered unbearable schedules. You gave up everything.
All to be a United States Senator. And, now, perhaps before the most important vote of all,
the only Impeachment of an elected President in the history of our country, you are forced,
ordered actually, to sit mute, be still, can't leave for hour after hour of testimony that you've already
heard, studied, studied again, and made your decision about. Imagine that. Your docket is full
of pressing matters, political and governmental. There are people waiting around every
calendar segment to see you and they have been scheduled way ahead of time. Some of them
have traveled thousands of miles. And there you sit. Shifting this way, shifting that way.
Off camera. Out of touch (no cell phones). Just sitting there while the world passes you by.
You look at the Senator next to you. He looks at you. You both look back up at the podium.
Then you look down at your feet. Up at the ceiling. Then you look at each other again.
It's only 10:30 A.M. on the second day of a two- or three-week, six-days-a-week, trial.

The sparse crowds waiting in line. Later, there was no line.
Just walk in, but some could not walk out.

There was a protest outside of the Senate yesterday, pictured here.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals burned bales of hay.
Inside, they smelled something.

And,'s cameras did find one shot of the Senators off line.
Since they are out of the public the dress codes have been relaxed.

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