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January 14, 1999

Vietnam Perspective
It's one of those things that drifts in and out of my mind.
Why today? I have no idea.

Vietnam Veterans are 9.7% of their generation.
3,403,100 personnel served from August 5, 1964 to March 28, 1973 in the actual war-deployed forces.
2,594,000 personnel served "in-country" in Vietnam in those years, plus another 50,000 prior to 1964
Between 1 million and 1.6 million served in combat
7,484 women served in Vietnam
The peak strength of our troops in Vietnam was April 30, 1969 at 543,482
47,378 men and women were killed in combat. Another 10,800 are listed as "non-hostile" deaths
The changing total that is now at 58,202 includes men who were formerly classified as MIA and the Mayaguez casualities.
There were 17,539 married men killed in Vietnam
61% of the personnel killed in Vietnam were 21-years-old or younger
West Virginia suffered the highest casualty rate of all the states
There were an additional 303,704 personnel wounded, 75,000 were totally disabled
Amputation or crippling wounds to the lower extremities were 300% higher than during WWII
Total still missing in action 2,338
25% were draftees, and draftees accounted for 30.4% of combat deaths.
76% of the soldiers sent to Vietnam were from lower middle/working class backgrouds.
82% of veterans who saw heavy combat strongly believe the war was lost because of lack of political will.
97% of Vietnam-era veterans were honorably dischanged
91% of actual Vietnam War veterans and 90% of those who saw heavy combat are proud to have served their country
66% of Vietnam vets say they would serve again if called upon
87% of the public now holds Vietnam Veterans in high esteem.

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