Poems on Town Time


The fluttering of spreading wings
Like linen being smoothed and aired
The lifting towards the skies
Silent and soft, strong and centered

It's a departing and an arriving
As the young dive into their lives
And soar on wings barely grown
To take them to the future

They drift away, like memories
And return with passion
And fly away... fly away...
To build anew and remember a past

Home, always home.


It takes time, it takes courage,
It upsets and thrills,
It disappoints and saddens.
But, there is nothing like knowing what is really going on.
There is no remote control for life.
There's no voice mail you can call and leave a message.
There are no reruns.
There are no sales.
There are no bargains and nothing at all for free.
You must pay at the door.
You have to be there in person.
Your eyes must see it.
Your ears must hear it.
Your hands must touch it.
You have to be there.
There is nothing like knowing what is really going on.
And when you know it, you're involved.