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Wednesday, June 24, 1998


Well, here we go. Clinton's off to China, the one country in the world that is agog over him. The press there is going crazzzzzy, but they have forgotten to mention Hillary, which bodes badly for the whole event (if you know what I mean). The Chinese repress their political potential with a dominant, tyrannical political party, they inhibit free speech and press, and they remain the most visible, invisible government in the world today. But, hey, let's "closely engage them." Also, when one of our rockets (you remember that brouhaha) crashed, killing 200 residents (never mentioned) they rushed to the scene not to save the injured and recover the dead, they rushed there to steal the little gizmo that tells our satellites which way to turn to receive the signal. And, you know of course, that over 1500 people are accompanying the President on this little junket. Well, it will make for good television and with Chelsea along, there could be a few good stories.

Meanwhile, you probably thought that AIDS was winding down because here in this country it seems to be under control. However, in Africa it has struck 1 in 4 adults and it rivals the worst epidemic in the history of the world. Doesn't that matter?

Microsoft has won the first step in the "unbundle that computer" lawsuit. That is disappointing., but sadly unsurprising.

The Kosovo rebellion has taken a new, darker turn. Instead of attacking government forces (which fight back) they have now turned to attacking innocent civilians, most recently mowing down pallbearers at a funereal. That is the proverbial "turn for the worse."

And then, Maureen O'Sullivan, the perfect Jane, the best Jane, and to many of us, the only Jane, died yesterday at 87. Long will she be remembered.The Ozzie & Harriets of the jungle.

And, finally, in the "Nobody's Perfect" category, we hear of two men, Abner Stoltzfus (24) and Abner King Stoltzfus (31) -- no relation, of course-- who were arrested together buying multiple kilograms of cocaine from a motorcycle gang (called "The Pagans") and then distributing it to other young members of their religiously-based society. Guess which one? Abner and Abner (no relation) are Amish. They were distributing the drugs at dances and now face life in prison, if convicted. Their attorney stated "People think the Amish are sheltered from the outside world, but the temptations are there." The two were apparently participating in a "time out" phase of their upbringing, in which young Amish men and women "explore" the outside world to determine whether to join the church or, what?, a motorcycle gang? The statistics on this exploration might be an interesting side bar, but for now, here's a picture of Abner and Abner returing to Intercourse, Pennsylvania after being release on bail.

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