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Thursday, December 17, 1998

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Who's Throwing Bombs Now, Baby?

Rocket blasting off from the deck of the USS Enterprise.

Suddenly the focus shifts from ClintonGate to NationFate. Is it just political? People wonder, don't they? Did you see that bomb hit? The explosions were visible in the Baghdad night sky for three or four miles around. Hundreds of people were killed. Some of those explosions were Saddam's palaces going up. And that's just the beginning, I predict. That can't make Saddam too damn happy.
At the last minute he cried wolf again but no one was buying it.

So is Clinton the biggest jerk in the history of America? Or,
is he stoically doing the job in the face of an unbelievable political assault?

Is he a leader showing courage under fire? Or,
is he finally inhaling?

Has he finally stepped up to the plate? Or,
has he gone over the edge?

It's the same old question:
Who is Bill Clinton?
Politician extraordinaire? Or
A true leader and patriot?

If you feel one way, it's so depressing, isn't it?
And, if you feel the other way, it so depressing, isn't it?

In the final analysis that dichotomy may be his undoing legacy:
he led us to a place where we just couldn't wash our hands.

See you next time?

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