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Tuesday, December 15, 1998

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Lame Ducks? Or Just Lame?

The election was November 3rd, and the universal read on it was that the American people, while not approving of his conduct in any way, overwhelmingly wanted him to serve out the full term to which they elected him. In many ways, the American people simply accepted his apology. The preeminent Congressional Leader who had pinned his legacy and continuing power on the embarassment and removal of a popular President was thrown out by the results of the election and the gasping fear of his fellow Republicans that his mistakes would splash over them. And as the dust settled what happened? Out of the ashes came the undead monster. Impeachment unbelievably continued to hunt its victim. Like a B-movie where the villain, almost laughably, just won't die, Henry Hyde (or is it Jeckle?), and the Senate Republicans, are pushing ahead with their lame duck Republicans, cynically rushing to complete their task before the new Congress takes office on January 20, 1999. So, here we have it, and you can't hide from it (no pun intended): The Republicans threw Newt out, and then went on with his plan to impeach. They saw the election result and know full-well that the American people do not want it. They know that the new Congress won't do it. But they are going to attempt to thwart the will of our country twice: first by overthrowing the will of the election, and second by impowering those lame ducks who lost their seats, because of this wrong-headedness, to do what they were told not to do now that they are beyond the reach of the electorate in their lame duck offices in the basement of the Capitol.

It is not a great day for the Republican Party, or for America. And while many of them see no 2000 backlash, they are wrong. Third time cynical. To believe that they can act so dismissively and get away with it.
Isn't that the sort of thing they have piously denounced the President for?

Check out the latest poll and see for yourself.

See you next time?

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