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Saturday, November 21, 1998

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The Other Shoe...The First Stone.

Sam Dash jumps ship, says Starr goes too far.

The scandal centipede crawls around and it has 101 feet. So, if you're waiting for the other shoe to fall, and then you feel it's finally over, think again. And again. As the scandal mongers pursue their goals, they have a thousand things to say and to do to make it look like they are right. But in the end, who is perfect? Who is unblemished? And if you have never sinned then you can cast the first stone, but who is there to do it? Given that, shouldn't we be more concerned with understanding? If, in the end, we truly understood all that went on with the Clinton's and with Bill, wouldn't we really forgive? Is it that he is just a horny old man preying on young interns and lying, lying, lying? Or is there a human story of loneliness, temptation, isolation, alienation and weakness here? And a lot of power politics? Is it so horrible to not instantly confess that you are tired, weak and desperate, when all the world wants and demands that you are tireless, fearless, strong and confident? What would you have done? Oh, you say, "I would never have gotten myself into such a fix!" Well, there goes that first stone.

If we could just remember that we are all human. Here's a poem for you:


In the big and little
Things there's a real
Streak of genius in
We went to Moon
Eight times and
Every single person
Is still unique in
His or her own way.
We strive all of our lives
To be just like everyone
Else and to be
Special in some special way
That truly defines us.
Think of the people you
Know. Isn't knowing
Them each like building
The Brooklyn Bridge or
Going to the Moon?
Big and little
It's just the way
We are.


You cannot have one without the other, so when you hear these calls for "holding to a higher standard" remember that those voices may also be calling for a far, far lower standard in the end. It is and always has been the human struggling, the day to day temptations, the challenge to be always better, always fairer, and always more and more forgiving and loving
that "truly defines us." It has never and never will be our perfection.

In our Quote of The Day today, we quote an anonymous writer with this thought:
"Gems are always found while sifting through tons and tons of useless rock."
But, we shouldn't we also ask if, in fact, that surrounding material is, ultimately, truly "useless?"

Hey, as one useless rock to another, I'm off to play golf, kayak and stack wood.
Don't take it all too seriously. Remember the old testament:
Josh 1:15 then ye shall return unto the land of your possession, and enjoy it.

See, even the Bible wants you to have a little fun.

See you next time?
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