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Tuesday, October 6, 1998
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Well, it's political after all.
The only people now saying that this is a fair Constitutionally-mandated process are the conservative Republicans. Everyone else, including a strong majority of the American people are saying it's not an impeachment process, it's a witch hunt over sex lies. So, there you have it. On the 35-member Judiciary Committee it split, without exception, Republicans, yes, Democrats, no.

What does that say?

It says either that the repository of American morals and standards resides strictly with Republicans (even newly elected Republicans like Mary Bono), or that the Republicans are determined, and demanding, that this become a glacial, global political payday for them.

They are going to be surprised.

The one hand one should never overplay is a moralistic one. The best sermon ever preached is a good example. The example being set here is a very bad one, a pompous (we don't even care how it looks) one. That will not play out in America, where we all know that there are no all-good and all-bad people. Even Gerry Ford, honorable in his golfing retirement, said that the Republicans should get off of it. And, he went even further stating that what the Republicans are planning will be bad for the country.

So if they don't care about right and wrong, or about the country,
what do they care about?

Powa. Plain and simple. It's about powa. Those of us who are independent, not affiliated, should at this point take a deep look. In 1974 there were no stabbing puncture wounds to the Grand Jury secrecy that protects us all; there were no salacious details released into American homes (remember the "expletive deleted" notations?); there were NO VOTES ON STRICTLY PARTY LINES. And the American people were fair witnesses who, in majority, encouraged the process and supported it.

How different is this?

As stated in previous comments, this bodes badly for the Republicans who look dastardly, political, and just plain mean. Worse, and fooling no one, they are wrapping themselves in a Constitutional robe (but the cloven hoof peeks out), and are claiming the highest (but undeserved) moral ground. How bad do they look? Well, Barney Frank, an avowed and proud homosexual, who himself was snared in a grisly sex scandal, has become the main protagonist in the House against these Republigoons and he is winning world and nationwide.

In the history of the USA, the Republican Party stands tall and proud, both for its role as the "loyal opposition," and when it ruled with dignity and success (Lincoln, Harrison, Taft, Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush... hmmm, actually in reviewing the line-up, the pickings were and little scanty on the Republican side. I had to leave off Grant, Harding, Hoover, Nixon, and Ford, but, hey, who's counting, anyway?) it saved the nation, ruled with law, dignity, courage, and ended the Cold War and the threat of World Communism (probably). But, from Teapot Domes to Tricky Dick, the big problems have been Republican. And, this brouhaha about Clinton's proclivities, will be no different, in the end.

The finger-pointers always go down in flames. And, an election is right around the corner. (Psst... elections in America are when the people speak their mind, and there is no recourse.)

We'll see. If the vote in the full House, reflects the vote on the Committee,
it'll be too obvious to miss. I would suspect that some Republicans might jump and a few Democrats might slide. But maybe not. If the House leadership is determined to prove their point (remember Mary Bono), then they just might prove mine, too, in their gooney zealousness.

People hate the self-righteous, and prefer someone more like themselves:
human and forgiving and flawed. I know you agree. In your heart.

See you. Next time?

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