Legendinc.com Media Placement Checklist
Updated: 11/11/10

Please completely fill out the information below and email it (using the
name of the client in the subject line of your email) to:
Bill Purdin <bp@legendinc.com>

1. Name of publication or media:

2. Email address to send materials to:

3. Contact name:

4. Contact phone number:

5. Page size of publication (left-to-right by top-to-bottom):

6. Size of advertisement (width/left to right):

7. Size of advertisement (height/top to bottom):

. Broadcast/Internet specifications here (if appropriate):

8. Deadline for materials:

9. Publication/broadcast date:

10. Materials needed (specify: pdf, jpg, tiff, eps, native InDesign files
; mpg,
Final Cut Pro output, or other format(s)):

11. Color needed? And if so, what colors are available, or specifications?:

12. Any other specifications, please note:

13. Cost of advertisement/commercial:

14. Please give a brief description of the audience the publication/station/website will be

Thank your for your cooperation. Please note, all attachments and html inclusions are
filtered out and deleted by legendinc.com's email defense system due to volume received.


Please see our contact page for all methods of reaching us.