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J.O.J. Frost

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During his lifetime (1852-1928) John Orne Johnson Frost was treated with ridicule as he carted his paintings around the Town in a hand-wagon trying to sell them to anyone who would reach for his wallet. He began his "artistic career" if you could call it that in those days, listening to the oldtimers talk about Marblehead, its history and its legends. He attempted to bring these oral histories to life through his primitive paintings.

Although lacking technique and polish of formal art schools, his work shows an enthusiasm for the Town and an interesting use of color that has made them more and more popular as time has gone by. Today, JOJ Frosts sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and are considered important in the history of Marblehead and in the history of art in America.

JOJ Frost, like so many artists before, died in poverty and anonimity, but he has not been forgotten.

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