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Benjamin Ware

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Plagued by the Old Marbleheaders' cry of "Beware... B. Ware," Bejamin Ware was not a popular man in his day, but he accomplished much in the history of Marblehead.

Born in Salem, he was responsible for the development and early importance of the "Clifton" area of Marblehead as a major Massachusetts resort. He welcomed out-of-towners and their money to the horror of Marbleheaders who hated "ferriners." He was a prime mover in bringing the Eastern Railroad line to Marblehead, making Marblehead a much easier commute to and from Boston. And, at one time, he authored a plan to break off Marblehead Neck, join it with Clifton, Beach Bluff, and Preston Beach and to create a new town.

The 1887 Road's Guidebook said that Ware's Clifton House was one of the finest hotels in Essex County, listing the address as Beach Bluff, Massachusetts.

Ware Pond is named for him.

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