The Muscobe Chronicles: Part Three
A Photo Essay

Photos by Bill Purdin & Joel Gleason

(left) The Muscobe in her winter retreat, and (right) in seasonal glory.

(Left) Muscobe Captain, Joel Gleason, fueling up. (right) The Muscobe in her winter tent.

(Left) Nice looking transom of the Muscobe (right) her windows need repair.
(right) With a spring high tide, this is the route the Muscobe will take back to Marblehead.

It was the ill-fated "last" voyage of the Muscobe. I came along to be a witness of the end of the mighty craft.
Here we are leaving Marblehead Harbor early AM.

Here we are coming into some obscure place near Winter Island where the Muscobe was to be put "out."

More photos of that morning. Here she is at the CYC, awaiting her fate.