The 'Headers In Life & Legend
by Russell W. Knight

Marblehead Forever

Today, Marblehead is no longer the Marblehead of the past. For the day the authorities closed the maternity ward of the Mary Alley Hospital all native-born Marbleheaders became members of an endangered species-members of a vanishing race.

Nevertheless, in spite of government regulations and the edicts of the medical profession, it is a pleasure to note that the characteristics which made our forefathers a distinct breed remain as deep-seated and as well-defined as ever.

And the reason that the Spirit of '76 has not died out in Marblehead, and never will die out, is readily explained:

It has a spine tingling town song-

It's our link to the past-

It's our pledge of allegiance-

It's our call to action-

It's our hymn of praise and thanksgiving-

It's the history of Marblehead reduced to capsule form and set to music...

Marblehead Forever

The Lily of the Valley
English Melody Rev. Marcia M. Selman

1st Verse
The men of old were heroes, who fought by land and sea,
To preserve their homes from tyranny and shame.
And, enrolled among the bravest, writ high in history,
Stands old Marblehead's beloved and honored name.


Then Marblehead forever! God bless the good old town!
May she never shame her noble ancestry!
She was first in Revolution, was first in '61,
And from all dishonor we will keep her free!


2nd Verse
The men of old were heroes, but they are in their graves,
And 'tis ours, their sons, the battle now to fight!
When our homes and altars tremble before the greed of knaves
Who assail the cause of country, home and right.

3rd Verse
Then rouse we at the summons that rings in Freedom's call!
'Tis our battle, sons of men whose blood was shed
'Neath her banner in the old time! Let life or death befall,
We'll defend the flag in good old Marblehead!


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