The 'Headers In Life & Legend
by Russell W. Knight

The False-Hearted Don Juan

The story is as old as the gnarled and storm-rent crags supporting Marblehead's ancient bastion atop Gales Head. It is also a story much favored by one Old Timer who thinks it both amusing and meaningful.

As he recalls, the villain, a false-hearted Don Juan, was a Fort Beacher-a gay blade who for no apparent reason jilted the most popular young lady in town and immediately married a feather-brained beauty. For this, he was reviled, castigated, socially ostracized and abandoned by his fellow philanderers.

Ere long, however, the divinity that shapes the lives of all pure-minded Marbleheaders gave him his comeuppance:

His wife inveigled him to move to Lynn ... of all places! Lynn!

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