The 'Headers In Life & Legend
by Russell W. Knight

True Believers
The crew of a wrecked Marblehead ship received the shock of their lives the day they landed safely on the shore of an isolated South Sea island.

While adrift, they had bolstered their spirits with visions of dusky beauties cavorting in sylvan bowers, perfumed with fragrant flowers and bathed in the glow of a silvery moon.

To their consternation, however, they discovered that the earthly Paradise they had long anticipated no longer existed. The land of their dreams, their hoped-for Garden of Eden, had vanished.

Thanks to a band of dour-faced New England missionaries, its winsome wahines were now draped in tent-like muu-muus, their seductive charms completely concealed from the eyes of men.

'Twas a bitter blow, yet it had one compensation: the missionaries had converted every one of the ever-hungry, greedy-gutted cannibals into a devout Christian.

As True Believers, they ate fishermen only on Fridays!

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