The Hall Of Fame
Fred Orne
Photos by Jody Scioletti
Text by Bill Purdin

Mr. Fred Lindsay Orne, 99, born in Marblehead in 189l, photographer and printer, attended Marblehead Public Schools, President of his senior class (1910 -- in the American Legion Building, a class of 24 students), and a member of Marblehead's first football team in 1909, he was also the first aerial photographer of the town. Patriarch of a family that includes 22 grandchildren and almost as many great grandchildren with nine children of his own. He worked every day of his life, up until this year, and still enjoys musicals, shows and dancing girls.

Action, that's what Fred liked, mountain climbing (he climbed Mt Washington more than a hundred times and is one of the few people to stand out on the chin of The Old Man Of The Mountain, NH), and has been around the world twice.

He was a direct descendant of both Colonel Azor Orne and Captain James Mugford.

To say the least, he lives up to the legends of Marblehead in his style and his nature.

Fred Orne passed away in 1998 at the age of 103.

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