The Hall Of Fame
Betty Brown
Town Clerk

Betty Brown was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and came to Marblehead as a young bride when she married Emerson Brown, (a tenth-generation Marbleheader!) and quickly assimilated herself into her newly adopted town. She has become, through the many years of Town service, a symbol of Town government at its most caring and knowledgeable.

Betty runs things from her tiny, cramped office in Abbot Hall, using the same ancient desk as her predecessors, although today it has a networked computer on it which is part of a state-of-the-art information management system that she pioneered for the Town Clerk's office.

Elected in 1965, she was the first woman Town Clerk in Marblehead and she vowed on that first election night that she would serve this Town and its people with dignity and empathy and with a helping hand and a warm smile for everyone. And, over the years, there have been many who needed all of that and more, and Betty Brown has always kept her promise.

Everyone who knows Betty, knows she is a "people person." Her greatest joys have been those times when she has made a difference in the lives of the people of Marblehead. Even after 35 years she still absolutely loves being Marblehead's Town Clerk. Whether it's issuing one of the many Town licenses, she is responsible for, overseeing the records of this historic Town, or performing a wedding in Abbot Hall, as a Justice of the Peace, it's all part of a job she loves. Recently, she has found satisfaction in her role in helping people who are adopting children from foreign countries who need to obtain the proper birth certificates necessary to ensure their children's future citizenship.

Betty has been an inspiration to everyone who serves the Town Of Marblehead and we are proud to include her here in Marblehead Magazine's Hall Of Fame.

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