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Selectmen's Minutes

May 28, 1997

Board met in Regular Session 6.30 p.m. in their Meeting Room in Abbot Hall

Present (constituting a quorum):

Thomas A. McNulty, Chairman
Diane E. St. Laurent
William E. Conly
William M. Purdin
F. Reed Cutting, Jr.

Anthony M. Sasso, Town Administrator
LICENSE. All Alcoholic Beverage. Boston Yacht Club. Suzanne F. Travers appeared before the Board on behalf of this application for a change in manager on the Club All Alcoholic Beverage License of the Boston Yacht Club. Ms. Travers is the new manager. There was no opposition. On a polled vote, the Board voted as follows: Mr. Cutting, in favor; Mr. Purdin, in favor; Mrs. St. Laurent, in favor; Mr. Conly, in favor; and Mr. McNulty, in favor.

One-day Entertainment License. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of Nancy E. Easterbrook of Body & Soul for a one-day entertainment license for June 8, 1997 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Village Plaza III subject to confirmation with the landlord. All in favor

CONTRACT. Motion made and seconded to award the contract to furnish bituminous concrete to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, Bardon Trimount. Inc. of Saugus, Massachusetts, for a unit price of $33.00 per ton and authorize the chairman to sign a contract on behalf of the Town contingent upon the satisfactory execution of a contract and submission of the required insurance.

Motion made and seconded to award the contract for the Mary Alley window replacement to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder, G.V.W. of East Boston, Massachusetts, for fifty-five thousand and four hundred dollars ($55,400.00) contingent upon the satisfactory execution of a contract and submission of the required bonds and insurance and authorize the chairman to sign on behalf of the Town. All in favor.

PERMISSION. No action was taken on the request of Richard M. Wood of Galaxi Publishing of Haverhill, Massachusetts, seeking permission to post a flyer to telephone poles in town marketing a book he has published. The Board of Selectmen has no jurisdiction over telephone poles. They are under the jurisdiction of the telephone company and the Marblehead Light Department.

Motion made and seconded to support the request of the Marblehead Historical Society to borrow the small line drawing of the USS Constitution which hangs in the Selectmen's Meeting Room subject to review by Town Counsel. All in favor. This drawing will be displayed in a summer long exhibit at the Lee Mansion.

U.S.S. CONSTITUTION. Lt. John Olivera, Navy Public Affairs Office, appeared before the Board to provide a preview to the Board as it regards the Constitution and the schedule of events on July 20 and 21 with back-up dates of July 22 and 23 . People from the Task Force Constitution in Washington will be coming to Marblehead in the next two to three weeks to make an official announcement and present a finalized schedule of events. The times will probably change, the actual events will not. At this point, the Constitution will get under way on July 20 sometime between 8 and 10 a.m. from Charlestown Navy Yard. The USS Ramage and the USS Halyburton will escort her into Massachusetts Bay to rehearse the sail. Will proceed towards Half Wav Rock under tow. Around 2 p.m. she should arrive in Marblehead and will tie off to the barge we propose to use. That barge will be set up on Friday or Saturday. The Constitution will stay overnight. The Ramage and Halyburton will return to Boston, returning to Marblehead on Monday. At 1400 and until the next morning, the Constitution will be on the hook. Reception at the Corinthian Yacht Club at 6 p.m. - receptions also at the Eastern Yacht Club and the Boston Yacht Club. Will distribute distinguished guests among the three clubs. with the Captain attending all three. Next morning 8:30 - 8:45 have media assemble to go out to the Constitution. Will embark distinguished visitors. Halyburton and Ramage will be coming in outside the harbor. We will get the guests and media on board them as well. At 10 a.m. the Constitution will get underway. At 1200 set sail. depending on direction ofthe wind, somewhere in that cone set up south of Half Way Rock. Blue Angles will do a fly over for their annual poster Halyburton and Ramage will render honors to the Constitution. Constitution will arrive back in Marblehead at 2:15 She will render salutes upon her arrival in Marblehead on Sunday reenacting her slide into Marblehead under the protection of Fort Sewall. She will render another salute on Monday. We will then disembark the guests and the media. Put new one back on. The Constitution will get under way at 3 o'clock. Ramage and Halyburton will get underway shortly thereafter. Constitution will be back in Charlestown at 7:30 that night. Media sub command base ... we have pretty much committed to go with the Old Town House. Captain Zacharzuk will be up in a couple of weeks to make a final presentation of events. Mrs. St. Laurent questioned the wiring at the Old Town House. That is being checked out by the wire inspector.

Linda Hodoskinson of the Chamber of Commerce announced she has arranged a meeting with Lt. Olivera at 7 p. m.. June 17, 1997, in the Auditorium of Abbot Hall for Chamber of Commerce and business impacted during the Constitution's visit. The Chamber is providing the Navy with 200 to500 press kits which will be provided to the media.

Town Administrator Sasso suggested a special Board meeting to invite all Boards, Commissions and Department Heads who will be affected. That meeting is scheduled for June 3rd at 3 p.m in Abbot Hall Auditorium.

PERMISSION. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of Mark O'Brien, President of Marblehead Youth Soccer Association, to use the parking lot of the Mary Alley building during the weekend of June 14 and 15 for overflow parking during the Essex County Youth Soccer Association Under 10 Friendship Tournament at the Sevinor Field complex. All in favor.

Marblehead Artillery Company. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of Marblehead Artillery Company to conduct the annual firing of cannon from Fort Sewall on the Fourth of July from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. All in favor.

Marblehead Artillery Company. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the Marblehead Artillery Company to fire a cannon salute to the USS Constitution July 20/21, 1997 pending arrangements with Commander Beck, retired Commander Cashman and other authorized security personnel. All in favor.

LICENSE. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the Marblehead

Historical Society for a one-day Alcoholic Beverage License for Saturday, June 14, 1997 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. All in favor

SPECIAL TOWN COUNSEL. Motion made and seconded to appoint Michael D. Greenberg Special Town Counsel for the Town of Marblehead on a pro bono basis. All in favor.

MlNUTES. Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes of May 21 and 27 1997

E-911. Letter read from Chief John B. Palmer, Marblehead Police Department to announce that at 9:00 a.m. this morning the Marblehead Joint Emergency Dispatch Center switched over to the Enhanced E-911 Emergency Telephone System. Letter read from Donald B Horan. Director-System Operations, Statewide Emergency Telecommunications Board, also announcing the switch over to Enhanced E-911 and commending Fire Chief Charles Maurais and in particular Police Chief John Palmer and the outstanding job he did while construction went on around him.

CAPITAL PLANNING COMMITTEE. Selectman St. Laurent read a letter from Victor Wild, Chairman of the Capital Planning Committee, as a rebuttal to the letter signed by Robert Hamond and Barbara Anderson read at a previous meeting as it pertains to School fire alarm system.

PERMISSION. Ware's Pond. Motion made and seconded to refer the letter from Layla Farahbakhsh as it relates to lily pads on Ware's Pond to the Conservation Commission. All in favor.

Town Seal. Motion made and seconded to have Mr. Sasso report back to the Board as it pertains to the possibility of a donation on the request of Tom Dalton to use the Town Seal on articles of clothing. Four Selectmen voted in favor, Mr. Conly was opposed.

USS CONSTITUTION. Linda Hodgskinson of the Chamber of Commerce suggested having a telephone line that would have taped information on the Constitution. Selectman St. Laurent wants to look into adding someone in the Selectmen's Office for the period of time from now to the arrival of the Constitution. Motion made and seconded to have Mr. Sasso look into this ... a part time person or another full-time person. All in favor.

Selectman Conly moved we set up a special account for the Town of Marblehead under the name of the Celebration of the USS Constitution. Seconded. All in favor. Any money available from Federal, State and private donations can be funneled into this fund and then we can expend from that to pay the vendors.

DONATIONS. The Board acknowledged the fine work done by Chuck Carey under the tutelage of Bob Thompson on the restoration of the Civil War powder pack donated by Carol Cote.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn at 8:32 p.m.

Patricia D. Charbonnier
Administrative Aide

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