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Selectmen's Minutes

March 19, 1997

Board met in Regular Session 7.30 p.m. in their Meeting Room in Abbot Hall

Present (constituting a quorum):

Thomas A. McNulty, Chairman
William E. Conly
Diane E. St. Laurent
William M. Purdin
F. Reed Cutting, Jr.

Anthony M. Sasso, Town Administrator
TRAFFIC AND SAFETY. Lt. David Millet appeared before the Board to request the the following vote: "No Parking, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Holidays, Tow Zone" be posted at the following areas:
1. The Northerly side of Smith Street, between Devereux Street and Pleasant Street (across from the Post Office).
2. The Easterly side of Devereux Street, between Smith Street and Beach Street.
3. Both sides of Mohawk Road, between Pleasant Street and Higgins Road.
4. Both sides of Higgins Road, between Mohawk and Baldwin Road.
5. Both sides of Cornell Road, between Baldwin Road and West Shore Drive.
6. Both sides of Dartmouth Road, between Cornell Road and Lafayette Street.
7. The EasterlY side of Lafayette Street, between Laurel Street and Doane Street (inbound)
8. Both sides of Baldwin Road, between Pleasant Street and Cornell Road. These restrictions will be in effect as conditions require during the overall time frame of drain construction Motion made and seconded that these regulations be adopted as presented. All in favor. Motion made and seconded that Town Administrator Sasso have the authority to approve the implementation and rescinding of these restrictions as necessary. All in favor.

MlNUTES. Motion made and seconded to approve the Minutes of March 12,1997 and March 15, 1997. All in favor. Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes of December 3, 1996 and December 4, 1996. All in favor.

EARTH DAY CELEBRATION. Amy Todisco and Dennis Curtin appeared before the Board to announce a Town-wide Earth Day Celebration in Marblehead on April 12 and 13. Opening ceremony will take place at Chandler Hovey Park on Saturday, the twelfth from 4 to 5 pm.

POLICE DEPARTMENT. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of Police Chief Palmer to have the Human Resources Department, formerly the Department of Personnel Administration, forward to the Board of Selectmen a certified list to fill two patrol officer positions that are now open. It was further requested to instruct the Human Resources Department to forward all of the names that are on our two certified permanent intermittent lists. All in favor.

ANIMAL INSPECTOR. Motion made and seconded to reappoint Linda Fisk as Marblehead Animal Inspector until May 14. 1997. All in favor.

TOWING CONTRACT. Motion made and seconded to award the contract for towing services to Marblehead Towing to perform towing services between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. seven days a week, and Bill's Auto Clinic of Salem to perform towing services between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. seven days a week. All in favor. Motion made and seconded to have the Chairman sign both of these contracts. All in favor.

E-911 COMMUNICATIONS CENTER. Motion made and seconded to amend the contract between the Town of Marblehead and A & M Roofing, Inc. for the reconstruction of the E-9 1 1 Communication Center and renovations to the Police Station by extending the time for performance by fourteen days. All in favor. Motion made and seconded to have the Chairman sign a letter indicating said extension. All in favor.

SKATE 98. Robert F. Peck, Jr. appeared before the Board to present the Ice Rink Feasibility Study done by Sports Consulting of Exeter, New Hampshire. A copy is on file in the Selectmen's office.

TOWN ENGINEER. The members of the Board had been presented a memorandum from Town Engineer Douglas Saal as it relates to the Traffic Control Agreement for the Safety Improvement Project on Lafayette Street at Maple Street, Elm Street at Mugford and Green Streets. and Pleasant Street at Maverick Street, Bubier Road and Ocean Avenue. Mr. Saal asked the Board to vote the following: "Any existing traffic rules and regulations that may contradict those Specific Provisions voted above are hereby rescinded." Motion made and seconded to support this and send it along to Town Counsel for legal certification and have the Chairman then sign such contract. All in favor.

TOWN ENGINEER. House Renumbering. Motion made and seconded to take no action on the request of Joseph J. Maletz as it relates to his house renumbering. All in favor.

PERMlSSION. Parade. Motion made and seconded to approve the request of the Elbridge Gerry School Parent Teacher Organization to hold a parade to celebrate the Elbridge Gerry School Family Reunion at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 31, 1997 subject to Police Department approval. The parade will assemble at the training fields at Abbot Hall, proceed down Washington Street, left on Mugford, and right on Elm Street to the Gerry School. All in favor.

POLICE DEPARTMENT. Bret T. Murray and Chris P. Gallo appeared before the Board to interview for Permanent Intermittent Police Officers. Last week, the following candidates were interviewed: Jonathan E. Lunt, David Ostrovitz and Cary Gaynor. Sean
Sweeney was interviewed on March 5, 1997. Motion made and seconded to make a Conditional Offer of Employment to Sean M. Sweeney, Jonathan E. Lunt, Bret T. Murray and David A. Ostrovitz. All in favor. Motion made and seconded to table the appointments of Cary A. Gaynor, Christ P. Gallo and Scott R. Murray until a week from tonight and request Mr. Cutting, Mr. Sasso and Police Chief Palmer to see if the Board can make conditional Offers of Employment to them as well. All in favor.

MARBLEHEAD HOUSING AUTHORITY. Nomination papers are available for any interested candidates who would like to run for an open slot on the Marblehead Housing Authority. Papers must be filed in the Town Clerk's Office by 5 p.m. on March 24, 1997.

U. S. S. CONSTITUTION. Selectman Cutting reported there is a fund raiser being held for the U. S. S. Constitution at Abbot Hall on Sunday, April 13 from 1 to 5 p.m. There will be a slide show on the history of the ship and then attendees will walk down to the King Hooper Mansion for Grog. For further information, call 631-2608.

Motion made and seconded to go into Executive Session to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining, votes may be taken, and if they are, votes will be released at a time deemed appropriate by Counsel, not to resume in open session. On a polled vote, the Board voted as follows: Mr. Cutting, in favor; Mr. Purdin, in favor; Mrs. St. Laurent, in favor; Mr. Conly, in favor; Mr. McNulty, in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Patricia D. Charbonnier
Administrative Aide

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